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Chamberlain, South Dakota


This section of the Missouri River opens up in late February, allowing many out-of-state fishermen to begin their fishing season, months before their own state opener. Much of the Lake Francis Case walleye population spawns at Chamberlain in April; this massive concentration of walleyes provides plenty of fast action. Similar to the walleyes, anglers across the Midwest migrate to Chamberlain to take advantage of this outstanding fishery.


98% limit success


As summer progresses, the bite is cooling off in Chamberlain, but 20 miles up river the bite on Lake Sharpe is heating up. Lake Sharp is the most underrated body of water in North America, with daily catches of 50 to 100 walleye a day. Besides an abundance of walleyes, Lake Sharpe is rapidly gaining a reputation as an outstanding lake for trophy smallmouth bass fishing.


During the fall, on Lake Francis Case, again the walleye are coming up river to the major staging areas for the winter, to be ready for the spawning again in the spring. This area of Lake Francis Case has some of the best scenery in the state. Come experience it for yourselves!


Weather to Expect


May - 72° / 49°
June - 83° / 59°
July - 90° / 65°
Aug - 88° / 63°
Sept. - 79° / 53°
October - 64° / 40°

*Average Temperatures

When making your next fishing trip to South Dakota, call Cleland Guide Service for a trip of a lifetime!

River view at dusk
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